miercuri, 5 martie 2008

And what exactly is outside?

A few days ago a friend called me, a true friend I might say, asking me to listen a song…in fact the lady bestowed that song to me. The conclusion is simple. I ‘ve got mud on my face / I’m a big disgrace / Somebody better put me back in my place. The reasons?..who the fuck need a reason when you’ve got heroine ;) ..no they are grown ups. They have the Truth, They are Life…

luni, 3 martie 2008

...ground zero!

Spots, spots, spots…everywhere my eyes go there are a lot of spots. Spots on my brains, spots on my boyfriend’s brains, spots on my friend’s, spots in my blood. If I’d be Cruela these spots would have been the greatest thing in my life…but I’m not…see I have already a problem. I’m not who I’d like to be
…I’m a common people, I have a nasty job, I’m gay, I’m HIV positive, I have a HIV possitive boyfriend, I have friends that are not happy as much as I’d like, I have a mother…single, I have an almost homophobic brother, I have a dead father and I feel so
fuckin’ ….. but at least I ‘m thrilled with my music. SO...this could be a very good reason to read my blog ;)
From know on I’d like to try to express my thoughts copying lyrics or making those DADA poems..I’ve done before. It’s not difficult to discover where are from those lyrics…you just need to feel, feel me :D…and if this would be very painful for you I’ll write down the title songs used here.